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We are friendly and have a lot of fun with training.  Stop by any time and try out an Elias Kajukenbo Class. There are no contract pitches, just a good workout.

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Belt Program

Belts are awarded on merit. There is no set timeline for obtaining a belt. With classes 5 nights a week it is possible to obtain a black belt in as little as a few years. Most people do not obtain a Black Belt.

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Cardio, conditioning, strength training, and flexibility are core components of all classes



Sigung Elias teaches Emperado Method Kajukenbo. A significant portion of testing is knowledge of Kajukenbo Techniques and history.



Students progress in sparing intensity and drills designed to test application of technique under pressure.

What Our Students Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

The environment was fun, and everything was conducted in a safe manner. The skills demonstrated were actual (as opposed to some "kickboxing" videos I have seen that if you actually tried to use the techniques demonstrated you would just end up damaging yourself, ie: proper alignment, proper trajectory). I found that I was able to push myself to my limit and just a little beyond, as should be done when training. 

David Watkins

You guys are hard core 

(on seeing "hops" for the first time)



Be warned the workout is intense. Ha, its a challenge and you learn a lot. Sigung Elias is a great motivator and guide. The classes are a lot of fun, time flies by, and afterward you realize how hard the work was. I have come back year after year because it is still challenging and exciting.

John Conaway

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have contracts?

No, we do not have contracts

Is coaching extra?

Absolutely not. We provide advanced training for those who want to learn and are willing to put in the effort.

Is personal training available?

Personal attention is given in class depending on each student’s skill level.

Personal training sessions are available based on need.

What is Kajukenbo?

We hope that this site helps to answer that question. There is a blog post on Sigung Elias’s personal view of the art. When I was new I wanted to know everything I could, so I started searching online. Each school has some telling of their history. You can trace the lines and learn about the roots of the system in that way. If you want to know what Kajukenbo is, come to a class. It is something people need to experience for themselves.

Are injuries common?

Kajukenbo is a full contact activity. Participation requires appropriate protective gear and liability waiver.


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If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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