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Let me explain a little bit. We are sick of contracts, hidden fees, high pressure sales, treadmills, dumbbells, and isolation machines. Those boring, time consuming, and ineffective workouts at the big box gyms (and McDojos) are just not worth the effort, at least not unless you are working on a new year’s resolution.

It is said that big box gyms do not want you to go work out. The lower percentage turnout they get, the more people they can sign up, and the higher their profits are… No wonder it is so boring. No wonder it is so hard to get results. A lot of “dojos” are just as bad, but for us, it is not worth sacrificing art for the sake of profit. We refuse to do it, but we want to train. We want to train with as many people as possible, so…

Our standard classes are Emperado Method Kajukenbo with a special focus on:

  • Self-Defense
  • Martial arts and belt promotion
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Yoga stretches
  • Kickboxing cardio
  • Fighter’s strength training
  • Tai Chi meditation

Quality of character is required of all who train with Elias Kajukenbo. We use traditional techniques and exercises from the Emperado Method of Kajukenbo. While these classes are “open” we reserve the right to ask disruptive and disrespectful individuals to leave.

Classes are suitable for beginners and experienced martial artists from any style. Students can test for belts ranging from white to fifth degree black depending on their qualifications, experience, and knowledge of Kajukenbo.

Why not go to the park and spend time with friends? You can watch the wind blow through the trees and remember the world is not all computer screens and paperwork deadlines. Get some fresh air and feel the grass on your toes – while getting what could be the best work out of your life.


Get out of the gym and do something exciting

You can stop with the a hamster wheel and get some real training.

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