-Sigung Thomas A. Elias

I was recently featured in a news article for providing a Self-Defense seminar to homeless women. In the comments posted to the story online someone said that a gun was all he needed for self defense. Boy, I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard that. It’s usually made by someone standing in front of me with not so much as a book of matches in their pocket. My response is “unless your finger is loaded, I think you’re shit out of luck”. To which they tell me to wait while they go get their gun in the car or something like that.
The truth is I know very few people that carry firearms with them as a daily habit. Carrying firearms as a form of self-defense is not a bad thing. It is just not a replacement for true self-defense training. A gun is a tool. It is not a substitute for martial training. In fact, statistically, firearms cause more harm to the gun-owner than the intended assailant*. Martial arts training is essential for anyone who owns a gun. Martial arts give you the focus and lucidity you need to have when in a dangerous situation. A firearm alone can not give you the control you need when the fight or flight response kicks in.
What makes a person think that a loaded gun and a few hours at the firing range is going to give you the mental preparedness and self-control you need when death looks you in the eye. The Arts give you an absolute confidence in the person behind the gun. And when the gun isn’t there, it’s probably when you’ll really need it. Martial arts make you the gun and the bullet and the trigger at all times, day and night.

I believe it’s your attitude and self-assurance that will carry you safely through a life or death situation.

That’s what martial training is all about.