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Train Strong, Remain Strong… Elias Kajukenbo classes are rooted in Emperado Method Kajukenbo with a focus on mind/body health & self defense.

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Challenging, fun, EFFECTIVE

The founders created a unique and ingenious martial art with Kajukenbo. Each founder made contributions from their unique backgrounds. Kajukenbo has its roots in Karate, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Kempo, Kung Fu, Boxing, and Escrima.

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It is important to be strong enough to make it through a fight. Strength, cardio, and flexibility are major components of all martial arts. In Kajukenbo as much as half of the class may be devoted to the fitness component.


Most of our techniques come from “Origional Method Kajukenbo”. This includes Basic Punch Defenses, Grab Arts, Natural Laws, Tricks, Weapon Disarms.


In Kajukenbo you need to learn how to take a punch. As Sijo Emperado put it, “…you have to experience pain before you can give it. You have to know what your technique can do”.

Be warned the workout is intense. Ha, its a challenge and you learn a lot. Sigung Elias is a great motivator and guide. The classes are a lot of fun, time flies by, and afterward you realize how hard the work was. I have come back year after year because it is still challenging and exciting.

John Conaway

I've had the privilege of studying under Sigung Tom Elias for several years now and my martial arts skills have improved by leaps and bounds. After studying different arts with different teachers in the past, I've found my home. Kaju is extremely effective and the workout I get in class is hard core. Another huge plus for me is that Sigung Elias emphasizes energy work. In my opinion, energy work is essential in being a well rounded martial artist. It's also something that a lot of schools leave out. Tom is humble and kind yet dangerous.

Justin Friedman

The environment was fun, and everything was conducted in a safe manner. The skills demonstrated were actual (as opposed to some "kickboxing" videos I have seen that if you actually tried to use the techniques demonstrated you would just end up damaging yourself, ie: proper alignment, proper trajectory). I found that I was able to push myself to my limit and just a little beyond, as should be done when training. 

David Watkins

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